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Our Ethos

We have a strong belief that people should celebrate their uniqueness because it is beautiful. You should take pride in standing out from the crowd and expressing your individuality! Our stone and wooden sunglasses are a reflection of that belief. Each pair is as unique as its wearer, with different grains, colours and textures. We want our customers to enjoy a unique pair of glasses that travels with them through life — that becomes a part of their life.


We have created a range of contemporary styles that we believe give individuals a way to express themselves. They are products designed for people who enjoy being unique and standing out from the crowd. If that sounds like you, we know you will love our glasses.

Our Process

We take great pride in the quality of our handcrafted stone and wood eyewear. Each pair of stone sunglasses, wooden sunglasses or wood prescription glasses is carefully handcrafted with great care and precision. Our process combines incredible craftsmanship with the latest in technology to produce a product much better than what our competitors offer. The production process first involves carefully sorting materials to find the “special” pieces. Those pieces are then shaped, glued, bent, and finished — all by hand. It is a long process and we enjoy every step.


We love what we do and are passionate about making the most beautiful sunglasses available. We know you will love wearing them as much as we enjoy making them!


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