Our Story

We are Propwood, a small European workshop, where we hand-craft unique wood and stone sunglasses and bring them into the world for you to love and enjoy. We work hard each day in our workshop, personally creating each pair of the Propwood wooden eyewear from scratch.


Making of Propwood wooden eyewear  



Individuality motivates us and we believe that our sunglasses gives us the chance to provide like-minded individuals a chance to express themselves through what they wear. We have and we will continue to design contemporary styles to cater for a wide variety personalities and styles. Each fashion purchase represents who you are as a person and so this is why we crave uniqueness and authenticity in everything we do. We know you do too, so this is why we aim to stand out from the crowd with the quality we produce in each pair of Propwood wooden sunglasses.


Nothing is ever ‘perfect’ in life, despite what you may think. This is why we use wood and stone as our base materials; their natural imperfections mirror life realistically and it means that no two eyewear pieces can ever be exactly the same. Each pair of Propwood sunglasses will genuinely be unique, just like each of us are. Since plastic is synthetic, it is lifeless and it really feels this way. Plastic sunglasses are so run-of-the-mill and have no warmth or energy, but it is so cheap to use, so will always be popular.Here at Propwood, we are fed up with the feeling of emptiness when using plastic and have turned to natural materials, such as wood and stone. Not only is wood light, natural and beautiful, it is classy and extremely durable. Stone represents strength and is stunningly unique and fashionable. When wearing wood or stone sunglasses, it gives you that privilege of carrying something genuine, something unique.
We are really excited to have perfected a way to craft such tender substances into beautiful eyewear and we hope you enjoy wearing the sunglasses as much as we have enjoyed making them.



Since each pair Propwood eyewear have been carefully handcrafted from scratch, we highlight the individualism of the personalities of each of the owners. Propwood eyewear stands out from all others and emanates quality and style. We have put precision and care in each Propwood eyewear and guarantee that is made with love and passion. We invite you to make the transition from boring, lifeless plastic sunglasses and find yourself a pair of Propwood eyewear that you will love!